semperfli nano silk fly tying thread

As fly tyer's, we've all sat at some point and thought about the various types of fly tying thread available, in an attempt to determine which brand, or type, we'll invest our hard earned money in next. Invariably, one question always arises if, like us, you go through periods where your fly tying thread keeps breaking. That question is what is the strongest fly tying thread available? The answer wasn't always clear. Until, that is, Semperfli Nano Silk hit the market and raised the bar for fly tying threads, setting a precedent for how they should be constructed.

Let's delve into the facts.

Amazing Strength!

Semperfli Nano silk has been touted by many fly tyer's globally as the fly tying thread of choice as it is super strong with a strength up to 17 times that of stainless steel of the same diameter. Yes, you read that correctly! 

You will be confident knowing that even the smallest of fishing flies can be tied with ease without your thread breaking. A god send, in particular, for any commercial fly tyer's, or those beginner fly tyer's who are so easily frustrated by breaking thread.  

The video below demonstrates the amazing strength Nano Silk possesses.

Value For Money

No more breaking thread or wasted tying time, resulting in greater output at the vice. No more birds nests of thread or defective new spools, which usually end up in the bin before a new one is ordered at extra cost to you!

Nano Silk tips and Tricks

  • Use Ceramic bobbin holds - this is essential for Nano Silk or any other Gel Spun polyethylene (GSP) threads. Why? Brass or Steel impurities or edges inside the bobbin holder can damage or fray the ultra fine strands that make up this thread.
  • Waxing - Like all GPS threads, Nano Silk can be slippy to use. In light of this, use any soft wax to provide grip if it helps you to use it.
  • Cutting Nano Silk - Use a razor blade, or similar, to cut the thread. It is so tough it may damage your best fly tying scissors!
  • Colouring -  You can use permanent markers on Nano Silk white thread to dye it to any colour you like. Create stunning, vivid bodies or heads on flies before applying no tack UV resin and sealing with your UV Torch or UV pen to lock it in.
  • Lay It Flat - There are 100 twists to keep the thread together, but you can rotate it anti clockwise to allow it to lay perfectly flat on the hook shank. It can then be used on foam, or split with a fine dubbing needle to create a dubbing loop.
  • Dubbing Loops - Nano Silk is the perfect tool when using dubbing loops to add dubbing to the body of your fly. Simply use a fine dubbing needle to split the thread to use with your dubbing twister, or split and finely thread the dubbing before twisting to secure.

    Other Key Benefits

    • Volume Tying - Nano silk is perfect for volume fly tying. Due to the thread spooling machines used by Semperfli you will not get birds nests or wasted thread, which is a problem with many other fly tying thread brands.
    • Wide Range of Colours - Available in the following colours: Beige, Black, brown, Copper, Dark Green, Grey, Lime Green, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White and Yellow.
    • Economical - Up to 100m on a Spool (Nano Silk 200D).
    • Bulk Spools - Available in bulk spools of 500m capacity (Black or White).


    Size Denier


    Breaking Strain (KG)


    Breaking Strain (lb)


    Hook Sizes

    Use for
    3/0 200D 7.6 16.8 10 to 2/0 or larger Large Salmon, Streamer, saltwater Predator Flies and Deer Hair Spinning
    6/0 100D 3.8 8.4 10 to 2/0 Salmon, Predator Streamers, Nymphs, Dries and Deer Hair Spinning
    12/0 50D 1.9 4.2 8 to16 Smaller Midges, Emergers and Dry Flies and Euro Nymphs
    18/0 30D 1.14 2.51 16 to 32 Micro Flies
    24/0 20D 0.75 1.65 20 to 32 Micro Flies - However, can be used for flies of any size. 


    Go on, you know you want to!

    Available at Finesse Fly Tying by clicking here.


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    I may be the first to admit but, nano silk is not my cup of tea. Why?
    - It’s a very obscure raw material that has iffy supply lines.
    - It’s incredibly slippy. I find that this thread is notoriously bad a grabbing and holding onto materials.
    - 6$ a spool is what I bought it at last. I burnt through that spool in no time and got only a half of what I would’ve normally got using Uni 8/0 and. (Tying mayfly adults and nymphs).

    I’m not sold on the product.

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